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Light Contact MMA Rules


Youth In-House Tournament


The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) division is designed to give the kids a chance to mix together their knowledge of Kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ and MMA in a friendly competition setting whilst reducing risk of injury. There are no head strikes permitted in this division, and all striking must demonstrate control. Rounds start standing and will continue until either the time limit or a submission occurs.


Uniform / Equipment

Rashguard/Tshirt and shorts must be worn. Mouthguard, Boxing Gloves (Youth) or MMA Gloves (Teens), and Shin Gear is also required.


Time Limits

  • Youth 1x3 Minutes
  • Teens 3x3 Minutes (Best out of 3)



A submission will result in the end of the round, with a win for the athlete applying the technique for that round. In cases where there is multiple rounds, a submission will not end the entire match. Where rounds run to time without a submission, the referee will decide the winner for the round based on the following factors.

  • Grappling Control
  • Striking Control
  • Athlete Activity



For the more advanced Youth, and the Teens divisions, submissions will be allowed and will end the round..

Youth Restricted Submissions:

  • Guillotine
  • Leg Locks

Teens Restricted Submissions:

  • Rotational Leg Locks

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