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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I go about getting into MMA?

The best way forward is to read our Beginners Guide, then Book Online for a free trial session so you can get a first-hand experience of the gym and culture. The class instructor will be able answer any questions you might have, and you will get a good feel for the training environment. Once your booking has been confirmed, just pop down 10 minutes before class to get started.


Do I require any specialist gear?

For the Kickboxing and fighter classes full boxing gloves and mouthguards are required - we have the MMA Addict range instore. The BJJ Gi classes also require the traditional training gi or 'kimono', but for the rest of the classes you wont require any specific gear to start. However, these things may help you get more out of your training (and are required for Fighters class): MMA Gloves, boxing gloves, compression gear (skins), shingear, towel, specific injury braces (if required). For health and safety reasons, we do not have any 'club gear' available to be borrowed.


What else do I need to bring?

The only other thing you really need is to wear some comfortable workout clothes - preferably older as it's always possible that they may get stretched or ripped over the course of training. A drink bottle would be also recommended.


How do I go about getting into competitions?

Talk to your club coach about the style of competition you are looking at -  there are a range of different types, from Grappling through to Amateur and Professional MMA - and they all have different levels of requirements. Your coaches will give you honest feedback about the level you are at & the entrance requirements - and they will guide you through the application processes. Once we have made some decisions regarding competition we expect our competitors to maintain a high level of class attendance and to push their boundaries each and every class.


Should I be doing any supplementary training?

It depends on your goals - those serious about competition should have a dedicated programme which will include supplementary training. However, for students undertaking casual or non-competitive training then supplementary classes are not a requirement.


Do you have a structured syllabus or grading programme?

Yes, we do - in fact we have two. We run Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grades to cover the grappling components of the classes, and a Kickboxing grading system to cover all the techniques of impacting. Gradings typically take place every 6 months - ask your coach for a copy of the related syllabus and to explain any further details.


What does the training etiquette / gym culture involve?

We do our best to uphold an ideal learning environment for our members, balancing the creative, social, modern aspects of MMA with the traditional discipline and culture of traditional martial arts. Have a read through our Gym Rules before starting class.


How does a class normally run?

Our classes will generally involve a quick warmup (made from movements specific to the class type or techniques being taught), a technical component, and a live drilling or interactive game. Often a sparring, conditioning or fitness element will also take place here too. The class will then complete with a traditional bow-out, where students line up from right to left in the highest belt order and we all thank each other for training and 'bump' fists.


Are you open during the holidays / public holidays?

Our Kid's programme runs through the school term breaks, save for a 2 week closure from Christmas to the New Year. Adults have swipe card access available to use the facility all year around.

All formal classes are post-poned for Public Holidays, although we usually run an Adults Open Gym session in the evening instead, with details posted to the CORE MMA Facebook page.


How much does it cost?

We have several different membership options available - you can view all the variations and prices over on our signup page.


How do I update contact info, payment details or cancel my membership?

To make changes to contact or payment details, or for enquiries regarding membership term or cancellation simply email DebitSuccess at or call on 0800 481 040 with your CORE MMA registration number (received on initial signup email) and/or full name of account.


How do I acquire a 24/hr access tag?

Simply email us at with your CORE MMA member registration number (received on initial signup email) and we'll get a swipe tag programmed up and ready at reception for you. Swipe tags cost $30ea on pickup.


Will my membership be put on hold over summer holidays?

No; your membership is an annualised cost broken out into even weekly payments throughout the year. It is not charged on a term or attendance basis. Additional costs covered include grading assessment, belt presentation, online learning tools and open gym access.


Gym Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the CORE MMA gym rules & etiquette. Learn more

Beginners Guide

Never done any martial arts before? Check out our Beginners Guide. Learn more


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